Civil Litigation

Every lawyer in our law firm is licensed to represent our clients before the Hungarian courts. We are highly qualified in Hungarian civil procedures. The scope of our expertise covers a broad range of matters in the areas of Hungarian administrative, civil and company law as well as the application and enforcement of EU law in domestic courts.

We are regularly in court, try cases on a frequent basis, and have a track record of unprecedented endurance for handling multiple consecutive complex matters and lengthy trials. Our wide range of industry experience gives us the expert knowledge to successfully present the most complicated cases in Hungarian courts.

In litigation and dispute resolution matters, we always put our clients’ interests first, attempting to obtain the best possible results, in the shortest amount of time, within the confines of a reasonable and realistic budget.

Our litigation and liquidation practice includes:

– Providing legal advice and representing clients in settlement negotiations related to commercial and real estate disputes;

– Representing purchasers and sellers in connection with warranty and damage claims;

– Representing clients in Hungarian and international commercial disputes;

– Representing clients in liquidation and execution proceedings.