Accommodation guide for residence permit applicants

Accommodation in Hungary is an essential condition to get residence permit and visa as well. This article provides you information on eligible premises and the documents most commonly accepted as proof of accommodation.

I. Why do you need to arrange accommodation?

When you apply for a Hungarian visa or residence permit the authorities will ask you to submit proof of accommodation. The reason behind this requirement is that the authorities need to know where you will be staying during your stay and simply stating that you will be at some hotel or at a friend’s flat is not enough. You will need to submit eligible proof.

II. Which documents can be attached as proof of accommodation?

There are overlaps between the accommodation related requirements in case of residence permits and visas obviously, however, if we think about it, it is not very viable to book a hotel room for three or more years.

The documents you will need to submit may vary based on who is the owner of the place or who is the one paying for it. All the mentioned documents serve the purpose of proving that you will have a place to sleep during your stay in Hungary and specifies where authorities may contact you if needed.

II.1. Hotel confirmation letter

This is the document which proves that you have a valid booking in a hotel for the full duration of your stay and is also known as hotel itinerary for visa application.

The letter must contain your full name, the date of the check-in and check-out, the address and contact details of the hotel as well as a valid hotel reservation code.

II.2. Invitation letter

The authorities may accept if you will be staying at a friend’s or family member’ home during your stay, but a proof is still needed that your host is willing to take you in.

Your host shall write an invitation letter, where they confirm that you will be staying at their place, and the document must state the name and address of your host as well as their contact details (e-mail address, phone number) and the date when you will be there. The documents must be signed by your host.

Additionally, this document must state the number of people living there and the size of the flat, as the authorities will check if its suitable or not. If the host possesses only one bed and not even a sofa the authorities will most likely not approve of your stay there.

II.3. Rental agreement/contract

In case you would like to stay at a rental property during your visit that shall be arranged before you submit your application.

The contract shall contain full name and contact info of the landlord, address of the rented place and the period the place will be rented by the applicant.

II.4. Proof of sponsored accommodation

If you need the visa to attend at some kind of professional activity (training, seminar etc.) and the expenses will be covered by the organizer, you still need to submit proof of accommodation. In this case it can be a letter signed/stamped by the organizer and stating who will cover the expenses of the accommodation as additional info to the information repeatedly referred to before (address, contact details etc. regarding the accommodation)

II.5. Proof of ownership

In case you already own a place in Hungary and you are planning to stay there you during your visit, you will need to submit the title deed. More precisely a certified copy of title deed issued within 30 days.

III. How can I buy an apartment in Hungary?

Third country nationals may acquire ownership of a real property in Hungary only under the conditions specified by law and following an authorization procedure. Arable lands and protected areas (nature reserve) are excluded from the options, but this does not mean that ownership of other types of real estates can be acquired automatically. Rejections may be based on public interest or other considerations listed in the government decree No. 251/2014.

As for acquisition of a property legal representation is mandatory, you will need a lawyer. Especially since the purchase of a real estate includes concluding a sale and purchase contract and additional documents, that need to be submitted to the land registry.

To start authorization procedure a specific form has to be filled in and must be accompanied by a copy of your identification document and the documents regarding the transfer of ownership. There is also stamp duty in the amount of 50000 HUF per real estate. The process may take up to 45 days to complete.

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