How to apply for a VISA to enter the Schengen Zone

If someone has never been to Europe before, they have to ask the question if there is a need for a visa to enter the Schengen Zone.

By acquiring a visa, the third country-national becomes authorized to stay in the territory of Hungary for an intended duration of no more than ninety days. For longer stays, some kind of residence permit should be applied to.

1. Visa categories

The correct visa to be applied to shall be specified based on the purpose of the visit.

Third country nationals may choose one of the followings:

  1. Airport transit visa serves the purpose of making possible to third-country nationals to travel through the international zone of a Schengen Country Airport without entering the Schengen Country when changing flights
  2. Tourism visa – as the name suggests – is for sightseeing purposes. Obviously the most popular among the visa types worldwide.
  3. Visa for visiting family or friends is an option when the person to be visited residing legally in the territory of Hungary.
  4. Business visa is unique in a sense as the quicker appointment can be arranged even during the peak season.
  5. Official visit applies as the purpose of entry and stay for example when the applicant is part of a delegation.
  6. Visa for medical reasons is also a clear case in regard of interpretation, taking into account that in this only suitable if the duration of treatment does not exceed the ninety days allowed.
  7. Study visa only applies for education courses shorter than the above-mentioned duration.
  8. Visa for culture and sport activities is only accessible for staff members of a cultural, sports or religious events.

Depending on the reasons for visit Hungary and the frequency of the visits to the Schengen Zone, the Schengen consulate can issue a single-entry visa, double-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. If the third-country national is a frequent traveler it is possible to obtain a visa valid up to 5 years, but with having in mind that the duration of the stay can not exceed 90 days within any one hundred eighty day.

2. Submission of the application

 The application shall be submitted to:

  • the Hungarian Embassy;
  • the Hungarian Consulate;
  • or where this process is outsourced in case of your country

3. Exemptions from to acquiring a visa

In some cases, citizens of a third country don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen zone. Currently, citizens of more than 60 countries around the world can enter the Schengen zone without the need to obtain a visa first, and remain there for 90 days within a six-month period. The list includes Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

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