General rules of residency

Although there are several residence permit types, each with different requirements for third-country nationals who wish to enter and stay in Hungary for more than ninety days within any one hundred eighty day period, some overlaps can be detected.

The so-called general rules apply to every residence permit, and just like in the case of regulations regarding the right of residence for an intended duration of no more than ninety days within any one hundred eighty day period, in the event of non-compliance with the requirements to these rules the entry and stay of third-country nationals can be authorized only exceptionally, in order to meet international obligations, on grounds of humanitarian reasons or national interest.

For entry into the territory of Hungary the law specifies nine general requirements to be met:

1. Possession of a valid travel document

The passport not only has to be valid at the time of entering into the country, in some cases – like residence permit for the purpose of employment – the expiration date may affect the maximum period of validity the permit is issued.

2. Possession of a specific visa or permit

 To enter the country the applicant shall be in possession of one of the following:

  • a visa for an intended stay of more than ninety days within any one hundred eighty day period, such as:
  • visa for entitlement to receive a residence permit, for single entry into the territory of Hungary for the purpose of collecting the residence permit or the national permanent residence permit (D type visa)
  • national visa, for single or multiple entry and for stays in the territory of Hungary for an intended stay of more than ninety days within any one hundred eighty day period under international agreement
  • a residence permit
  • an immigration permit
  • a permanent residence permit
  • an interim permanent residence permit
  • a national permanent residence permit
  • an EC permanent residence permit

3. Possession of documents proving the conditions of exit

 The third-country national shall have:

  • valid passport/permit for returning the country of origin or other country, and
  • valid ticket for departure or sufficient funds to purchase such ticket or means of transport lawfully used by the third-country national

4. Possession of documents verifying the purpose of residence

 Based on the nature of the residence permit applied for, different documents can be sufficient for verifying the purpose of residence. While a birth certificate is clearly practical to prove family relations, it wouldn’t be efficient in case of work related plans. From prior agreements, contracts to admissions from educational institutions there specific types of documents for each case.

5. Possession of documents proving existence of Hungarian accommodation

The following documents can be efficient:

  • lease contract
  • document proving the existence of an accommodation free of charge
  • confirmation of a pre-payed booking
  • copy of title deed (no older than 30 days)
  • letter of invitation with official certificate affixed

6. Possession of documents proving the existence of means of subsistence in Hungary

 To prove to be able to support oneself, the applicant shall attach to the application: 

  • bank account statement
  • an income certificate issued by the tax authority for the previous year
  • income certificate issued by the employer
  • certificate issued by the employer/tax authority proving regular income

7. Possession of documents proving the existence of comprehensive health insurance

The applicant shall have access to comprehensive health insurance services (in particular on the basis of specific other legislation on the social security system, international agreement, or under specific agreement), or at least the necessary financial resources to cover such services

8. The applicant can not be subject to expulsion or exclusion

The third-country national can not represent a threat affecting public policy, public security, national security, or public health of Hungary.

9. Absence of an issued alert in the SIS for the purpose of refusing entry

SIS stands for Schengen Information System. An alert can be issued to persons or objects in the following categories:

  • Refusal of entry or stay
  • Persons wanted for arrest
  • Missing persons
  • Persons sought to assist with a judicial procedure
  • Persons and objects for discreet or specific checks
  • Objects for seizure or use as evidence in criminal procedures

Data on third-country nationals in respect of whom an alert has been issued for the purposes of refusing entry or stay is entered into the SIS on the basis of a national alert resulting from a decision taken by the competent administrative authorities or courts.

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