Where to find Hungarian birth, marriage and death certificates? – Simplified Naturalization Procedure

If you want to prove your origins to a certain authority or want to start a naturalization procedure, or simply want to research the history of your family or the life of your ancestors, then birth, marriage and death certificates can provide you with a lot of useful information.

It is often very important to have those certificates, but it can be difficult to find them, especially when you only have a very little information about the person whose certificate you are loking for.

In this article we are going to collect the most useful sources where you can start looking for the necessary certificates in Hungary.

Official governmental birth registration is compulsory since 1895 in Hungary. Before that date churches were responsible for birth registration. Today it is the Registrar who deals with birth registration at the Registry Office.

If you are looking for a specific certificate, these are the competent bodies and institutions that can help you. Of course, we would be glad to assist you in your simplified naturalization procedure or getting the needed birth, death or marriage certificate.

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Government Office of the Budapest Capital – Citizenship and Registration Department

Postal address: 1364 Budapest, Mailbox 234.

State Secretariat for Territorial Public Administration of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

Postal address: 1357 Budapest, Mailbox 6

National Archives of Hungary

Postal address: 1250 Budapest, Mailbox 3

The following database is searchable by anyone: (available in English, German, French, Slovak and Hunagrian)


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dr. Dobos István attorney at law (ügyvéd; Budapest)

E: dobos@doboslegal.eu
T:+3630 3088151